"Ronnita Nicole Miller was confident and secure as Mistress Quickly. Possessing a burnished alto, Miller was magnetic on stage" – Matthew Richard Martinez,  Bachtrack

"The mezzo-soprano Ronnita Miller brought a rich voice and noble phrasing to the role of the fateful earth goddess, Erda." Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

“In the first place, Ronnita Miller must be mentioned as Fidès. She was the rock of the evening:  all-embracing, immovable, heroic and touching. The seamlessness of the medium in the lightly sung highs as well as the sonorous bass depth made you dizzy. And yet - it was, as I said, not the high virtuosity of the singer. No, I was touched by her immovable humanity in the portrayal, being in the role to a one hundred percent state that I have seldom experienced in my long career as an opera goer. Singer and role were one. Bravo Ronnita Miller! It moved me to tears and made me silent for long moments.” - Geerd Heinsen, Opera Lounge

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